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Ceramiche Lea, large format & ultra thin tiles / slabs

The company has managed to manufacture a unique selection of various shapes and styles over the past 30 years. With ample usage – starting from the bathroom and kitchen through living room and premises ending with exterior space. The already existing wide range of luxurious ceramic and floor tiles has widen as the new Slimtech solution was introduced. It enabled them to produce innovative line of thin and huge slats which are not only delightfully designed but also unbelievably thin and impervious to wear and tear.

Ceramiche Lea, large format ceramic / porcelain tiles

The factory specializes in manufacturing high quality large format tiles which are not only visually aesthetic but also with high technical parameters. Innovative and advanced technologies used, enable them to create the slabs of high water absorption, and scratch resistance. The unbelievable thickness and various large sizes open new possibilities and provide you with countless variations of arranging the space

Ceramiche Lea, ultra thin ceramic / porcelain tiles

ceramiche lea large format & ultra thin tiles ceramiche lea large format & ultra thin slabs

Ceramiche Lea Prices

All the prices presented on the website are the net prices (do not include VAT tax) and catalogue prices (the official ex-factory prices). We are able to offer a sales discount (even 30%), however, it is dependant on the value of the final order, quantity or overall dimensions of the consignment. It is always established individually.

Samples of Ceramiche Lea

If you are interested in purchasing the tiles you haven't seen live, but want to examine and touch them or just fit them before buying, please write to us so that we can send you the specimens of selected products (subject to stock availability). The terms and delivery expenses are established individually.

Buy Ceramiche Lea from Us! 

Find below all the large format tiles of this manufacturer, use the filter to find the ones that appeal to you the most (parameters: colour, format, structure, thickness or price will help you to select). If you can't find the merchandise you are interested in, please write to us and we will do our utmost to help.


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