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If you're interested in one of our products don't hesitate to contact our sales consultants to obtain detailed information about current price, lead time and other conditions. 
We don't have a showroom, is an online store. Working online allows us to offer wide selecction of products at competitive prices.
Phone number: +44 (0)20 8190 0360
ewelina - sales consultantEvelina, sales consultant
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Main office box: or use the form below,
We work from 8.00 to 16.00 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

UK & Europe 
London office: +44 (0)20 8190 0360

USA & Canada 
New York office: soon..

Australia & New Zealand 
please contact London office..

Middle East 
(UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar & Israel)
please contact London office..

Far East 
(Hong Kong, Singapure, Taiwan & Malaysia)
please contact London office..


Clients wishing to place larger order are kindly asked to submit a list of required products to one of our sales consultants. They will prepare attractive, individual offer including discount and all important information regarding order realisation. 

We can realise orders from all over the world, but for clients from outside UK we need to prepare individual offer including shipping costs - based on the consignment's weight, dimensions and shipping destination.

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