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Single tiles are only from 3 mm to 5 mm thick. The thick makes that the slabs are light, flexible and easy to handle what makes that the material is applicable for a variety of different applications.


This material is produced in 300x100 cm tiles by the use of modern technology. Slabs, as was already mentioned, are 3 mm thin and they are pressed at a force of 15,000 tons.


The technical and aesthetic potential of this material is expanded by the thickness, what makes that new finishes and intended uses are now possible.

Large format & ultra thin ceramic tiles / slabs

Large tiles were technologically developed 15 years ago and for 12 years have been sold. As is always the case, at the beginning one company Cotto d'Este was dominated, which has developed a Kerlite technology. Several other companies, (Laminam, Porcelanosa, Graniti Fiandre, Ariostea), which have integrated to their offer this type of product, have followed Cotto d’Este company. Despite globalization, it is still highly technologically advanced product, and only a few companies in the world has the capacity of its production, of course, dominated by the Italians, and Spaniards (where it is the cradle of European ceramics).

Only 3mm of thickness

The advantage of this type of material is its size and thickness. These parameters allow for unprecedented application and ease of installation. Despite the unique features associated with the size, material has all the properties of ceramic stoneware (hardness, water abrasion), thank to it has a universal applications.

Extra large size (even 3 meters long)

Large tiles combine the nobility of forms developed by Italian designers (natural stone in many varieties, the structure of wood or uniform color) and technological excellence that can be obtained thanks to the great experience and tradition of Italian pottery making this material exclusive product for versatile applications.

Kerlite, Lea Ceramiche, Ariostea, FMG, Cercom, Fiandre

On our website, we present the full range of all manufacturers (only Italian and Spanish) of ceramic large tiles. We have many years of sales experience in areas of such material and web have the necessary technical expertise at the design stage or investment finishing.

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